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This blog has certainly undergone a lot of changes over the past few years but its shapeshifting is merely testament to the changes I’ve seen in myself.  I talk a lot about my transformative experiences because I like to uncover the hidden lessons in them. These messages are what lives on even after the stories that bring them fade into memory. I share my personal stories about love, travel, culture, and lifestyle in hopes to inspire and connect with people who may be in the midst of similar circumstances, looking for some perspective or a reminder that we are all unified by emotions, feelings, and suffering.

My name is Shawna and I’m on my own path. I write, travel, and do yoga, among other things. Sometimes I might even be fashionable, but only incidentally. I’m learning how to live a more fulfilling life through both light and darknesses, reveling in the high times and learning from the low. Storytelling is how I let it all go, internalizing what serves me and releasing what holds me back from the next chapter of my life. Every step down this path is another reason for gratitude but there is no true destination. I’m living in moments that fleet by the clock but are timeless in spirit. My most treasured adventure is happening now and I’m inviting you to join me. We’re in for an incredible journey.

It’s a soul vacation. 

For inquires regarding reproduction rights of photographs and/or writing contained within this blog or for freelance information please use the form below or email soul_vacation@icloud.com and/or shawna.robertson@icloud.com directly.